I’m a full-stack creative technologist passionate about innovative media experiences, specializing in web video and audio. I have extensive experience prototyping novel technology in the R&D department of a world-leading media organization, as well as in numerous personal and freelance projects. I have published papers, exhibited at museums and galleries and been invited to speak internationally for industry and academia. I’m driven to use my technical skills to empower creative teams.

This website is a selection of my extracurricular tinkerings.

I’m currently seeking new opportunities in the Bay Area, take a look at my resume! Get in touch via Twitter, LinkedIn, or GitHub.

Selected Professional Projects

VideoContext - An open source software library for dynamic and interactive video experiences on the web.

AI Production - Prototyped an Artificially Intelligent production system, using Machine Learning to simulate camera and director decisions

Visualizing The Internet - An art installation exploring privacy and data as people use the internet.

Take a look at some of my other professional projects here.

Selected Personal Projects

CameronSpeaks - A markov chain driven speech writing bot.

Long exposure light drawing - Stop motion animation from long exposure photographs using a precisely controlled robotic platform.

Wood Synth - A pocket synthesizer designed and built on my homemade CNC from scratch.

JiggleStick - Android game about balancing an owl on a stick.